US tent cities highlight new realities as recession wears on

In Uncategorized on July 14, 2010 at 5:02 am

I don’t understand how we have things like welfare  and such but there are families on the streets,kids, i don’t get how this would be accepted by any government official and excepted as a norm.We have people enlisting to the military as a source of income,and for funding to go to school ,when its the wars that’s bankrupting this country.I think Barrack Obamma had no idea what he was promising  when he said he would pull troops out of the middle east ,he mustve seen how unrealistic it was when he was got elected.

We all no how it is to see bum rolling through your ally picking through the trash, some people get mad because they make a mess ,but most of us just keep to our selves and let them be on there way.Now imagine walking   through a seemingly abandoned path when you stumble upon what seems like hundreds tents bunched together where homeless families spend the day picking garbage for food and looking for jobs and at knight gather by huge bonfires  to gather what they could scrounge up.Well i would probably stand for a moment in disbelief then be on my way not wanting to shame these people for there situations.Truth is this is happening everyday to the 200 residents of Sacramento’s Tent City.Modern day shanty towns,maybe by the end of his presidency they’ll be named after Obamma.


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