The dark side of the farmers’ market boom

In Uncategorized on July 14, 2010 at 2:49 am

I think anybody looking for a wide variety of fruits and veggies would find a farmers market delightful.Compared to food found at our local produce stores,things might seem…. kind of exotic, when it comes  to consumption of products most of us are content on the facts that the product is there and in this case that we are told that it is more organically grown than what we are use to. So on that said  I’m not sure if the situation of small farmers  choosing  to travel to urban environments were  they can sell there goods for a outstanding profit is totally bad.

Sure i understand what the article is saying when it points out that instead of selling  in there own community, the farmers are choosing to go for out of there local sectors …also  that  they are tripling there usual prices in some cases.Any body will tell you that the reason for this is PROFIT!, personally i believe that  that if these farmers have a community in need of there product in there own region then they have a far greater chance of  making profits and having a stable outlet of consumers, instead of bouncing around market to market trying to gain a cult like following for there edibles. But in America profit has always been number one.And i also don’t see anything wrong with that.If these farmers see the chance to make big on these untapped resources that are willing to come to them, then WHATS WRONG WITH THAT?


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