Oceans choking on CO2, study finds

In Uncategorized on July 14, 2010 at 7:08 pm

Oceans are considered one of the fastest decreasing ecosystems. Our oil consumptions has created suposes green house gases that is warming the earth and destroying  our most precious and neccisary eco systems. Somthing that we should remember is that before the earth went into its last ice age there was a global heating,and more research should be done than the greenhouse gas theary is totally exepted.

Eithier way humans are in trouble, we no from disney about the circle of life and thee need of a coninuing feeding system for life on this earth to be substained.And we no from television that coral reffs and other marine life are amazing and butiful habitats.You could consider this as a re-amp for the earth.Some look at the earth as living creature in its self and we could very much be considered its cancer. Our metropolis all over the its surface realesing manufactured chemicals poisining the earth its other hosties and even our selves.If we did bring this global warming on our selfes hopefully there is a way to stop it and save the planet but doing so i think is somthing most of the three hundred million in america and billions of others around the globe would be willing to invest in,Definitly the powerful investors that rely on tranportation of people and goods around the world and our products in which the waste is dumped int our oceans and holes in the ground,who would lose profit and possiby there buisnes.We rely on these things to much to make a drastic change.If we dont hough the world mike make a drastic change before we do.


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