Nebraska city approves illegal-immigrant law

In Uncategorized on July 14, 2010 at 3:46 am

I have my own issues with illegal immigration,tho lawfully denying housing and work for anybody is wrong and UN American. First off i believe that if you want to move to a foreign country you should take the proper steps-doing it legally, learning culture ,ext…, i also understand that for some people taking the legal steps aren’t an option,but that works both ways for the domestic and the foreigners.Denying housing is denying shelter and denying work is denying necessary living essentials witch is inhumane.Creating a law in witch one has to get a permit to rent housing is a giant step on personal rights, legal or not.

I have sympathy for some people that i consider Americans but aren’t legal.I attended a  high school that had a Hispanic majority, When senior year was coming to an end the question came up of what colleges were people attending and   unexpectedly i learned that some  people that i knew for  years were in fact illegals and were having problems getting into or couldn’t  get into a school because they didn’t have  social security numbers.These were people that i would in all counts consider American by my standards ,they grew up learning American culture ,they worked hard at school  and wanted to have careers.Denying these residents the right to work or even deny them shelter in the only country they no, to me is the same as betraying a legal citizen, We need to stop this harasing on the latest immigrants migrating here that just about every minority had to experience in this nations history.At the same time i  believe that the current Mexican immigrants have to be respectful of our current financial concerns and worries of taking care of our own first.


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