Chris Brown-Rihanna incident could be ‘teachable moment’

In Uncategorized on July 14, 2010 at 4:34 am

First off Chris Brown is my dream man! not really.I guess i can understand how some  could have been surprised by what happened between these two pop divas. I personally get enjoyment from these rude awakenings. I don’t understand how people could hold these human beings on such a high pedi stool.And second i don’t understand how they could be considered positive role models for our youth ,hes the kind of guy you want your daughter to bring home? I seen a video of his concert were he was shirtless thrusting his pelvis in the air with young girls screaming in a sold out arena around him ,this is what he sings his love songs to.

As far as the domestic dispute i agree i believe its common ,iv seen it in adults and teens.I’m not exactly sure why  people put themselves through such bullshit.Their are lots of causes ,watching abuse at home, jealously and some do it because they enjoy it.I wouldn’t consider this Chris Brown incident as something  that is eye opening for our youth ,if teens are experiencing abuse hands on or are in an environment with abuse it becomes something inbeded in them.The only way to help them is support  and a real want to change there ways.


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